Recognizing the skin microbiome’s role in healing damaged skin

A caesarean section, a superficial scratch or cut, a peeling or maybe a tattoo, our skin can be weakened in any number of ways, voluntary or involuntary. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that the skin microbiome is key to the healing process. The microbiome helps to prevent infection and inflammation, and supports skin reconstruction.

Cleaning weakened skin no more than necessary

While it has become second nature to clean weakened skin to prevent any kind of infection, it has now also become clear that cleaning more than necessary can actually slow the healing process. Applying topical antibacterial products removes the bad bacteria – and it also removes the good bacteria in our microbiota. On the other hand, a gentle cleansing balm with a physiological pH, such as Cicabio Baume lavant, respects skin. It removes the pathogenic bacteria, soothes skin, and protects and moisturises it.

Man using Cicabio balm to heal a scar

Skin microbiome diversity and skin healing

The more healthy and diverse the skin’s microbiome, the more significantly it contributes to helping the epidermis heal well. Acting on the skin’s surface, the microbiome helps to reduce colonisation and infection by pathogenic bacteria, calm inflammation and regrow tissue. It’s therefore essential to support the microbiome so that it can play its part during healing.

Cicabio Creme+, an ultra-repairing cream for the face, body and intimate areas in 40 ml

As a result of this new knowledge about the skin microbiome, Bioderma has reinvented its iconic healing cream. Cicabio Crème is now Cicabio Crème+, and it has a new approach, a new formula and a new texture. As the first ecobiological repairing soothing cream*, it considers skin as an ecosystem that interacts with its environment and has its own natural mechanisms to care for itself. Cicabio Crème+ helps to strengthen these mechanisms using biomimetic ingredients that repair skin by restoring microbiome diversity, optimising the healing process, and soothing itching and sensations of discomfort. Cicabio Crème+ is the new healing reference for weakened skin.

*BIODERMA - developed from the study of the skin’s ecosystem and natural biology.

Repairing the skin

There are four overlapping stages to the skin’s healing process: stopping blood flow, calming inflammation, reconstructing tissue and reaching maturity. Each stage relies on a healthy skin microbiome and the skin being able to carry out its healing mechanisms. Cicabio Crème+ has been formulated to nourish the microbiome and optimise the healing process.


The microorganisms that live on skin feed on elements such as the sebum we produce and have adapted to skin’s slightly acidic environment. Cicabio Crème+’s formula respects and supports this ecosystem, helping to recreate favourable conditions where the skin’s microbiota can flourish. Cicabio Crème+ contains biomimetic lipids that include squalene, which is found in sebum, and it has a pH the same as skin’s. Recognising the ingredients as part of its own composition, the skin absorbs them into its natural mechanisms, smoothing the overall healing process.


  • Optimise the healing process: 

Those mechanisms require a humid environment to rebuild skin tissues and structures. Bioderma’s new and patented Optimal repair complex** has three biomimetic ingredients with complementary actions. Polyglutamic acid retains 3,000 times its weight in water, keeping the skin’s surface moisturised as it heals. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deeper into the epidermis, hydrating skin cells as they repair. Xylose is a restructuring agent that boosts collagen production, making skin strong. A clinical study has measured an 88% increase in skin repair after seven days1, thanks to the Optimal Repair Complex.

**Patent application filed in France. 
1In vitro study on reconstructed skin model, epidermal closure at D7 after topical application of Optimal repair complex vs. untreated

Soothing itching and discomfort sensations

Skin that is healing can feel uncomfortable and often gets itchy. While this is normal, rubbing or scratching can interrupt healing, and only serves to prolong the process. Bioderma’s AntalgicineTM biomimetic technology is inspired by a molecule naturally present in the body whose role is to soothe unpleasant sensations. AntalgicineTM therefore soothes these sensations of discomfort and itching. Healing has fewer interruptions, which leads to faster healing and less scarring in the end.


In an easy-to-spread and pleasant, non-sticky and non-greasy texture, Cicabio Crème+ forms a breathable and protective film on skin. Acting almost like a shielding bandage, it aids the skin’s healing mechanisms as soon as you apply it.

Woman applying Cicabio Crème+ to heal a scar


100% say it facilitates scar massage 

96% of subjects say the texture is pleasant and easy to apply

94% say the texture has a protective effect that lets skin breathe


1Clinical study with Cicabio Crème+ on remodeling scars (C-section, episiotomy, adhesions) on 34 patients, % of satisfaction at D7 and at D14.

Full-body tolerance and effectiveness, for all weakened skin

Skin can be weakened for any number of reasons, including superficial cuts and scratches, cosmetic procedures, surgery, nappy rash and getting a tattoo. For use anywhere on the face, body, scalp and external intimate areas, Cicabio Crème+ is perfectly adapted to the needs of the whole family.

Clinically proven to repair skin and minimise marks

Tested under dermatological, paediatric, gynaecological and ophthalmological supervision, Cicabio Crème+ has been clinically proven to restore the microbiome and help skin repair itself in the right conditions. 

  • 3 hours Cicabio Crème+ restores the skin’s microbiome from 3 hours after application1
  • 88% drop in itching and sensations of discomfort2
  • 46% red marks lessened by 46%2
  • 32% drop in thickness2
  • 45% increase in skin’s suppleness*2


1Clinical study after disinfection, restoration of Shannon index (diversity and relative abundance of bacteria) 3 hours post-application of Cicabio Crème+ vs untreated disinfected zone, on 20 subjects
2Clinical study of Cicabio Crème+ on remodeling scars (C-section, eipisiotomy, adhesions) on 34 subjects, scoring at D14 vs D0
*Evalutation of the pliability of the skin
A woman and a child with various scars that can be treated with Cicabio Crème+

Cicabio Crème+ SPF50+: optimal healing for weakened skin, without hyperpigmentation

If skin that is healing is exposed to UV rays, permanent scarring and dark marks can form. Weakened skin therefore needs to be protected from UV exposure. For this kind of situation, Cicabio Crème+ also exists with SPF50+ broad-spectrum UV protection. The new triple action complex prevents marks from appearing on skin as it heals.

Presentation of Cicabio Crème+ with its precise applicator for applying cream only to target scares areas

Triple action complex to avoid hyperpigmentation while weakened skin heals

Cicabio Crème+ SPF50+ provides the same optimal healing and soothing while respecting the skin’s ecosystem, and augments this with a triple action complex that prevents marks from forming.


  • Protects from UV rays

Both UVA and UVB  filters are present in the formula, to block the rays and provide broad-spectrum protection from sun exposure.


  • Fights against oxidative stress and helps skin repair: 

A lipo-peptide contributes to reducing oxidative stress. It also helps to heal skin.


  • Inhibits the production of melanin: 

To further protect against dark marks forming, glabridine helps to stop melanin from being synthesised. With less melanin, there is less chance for hyperpigmentation to occur.

Clinically proven for its effectiveness and skin tolerance

Cicabio Crème+ SPF50+ has been tested under dermatological, paediatric and ophthalmological supervision. It can be used by the whole family anywhere on your face, body and scalp.

16.7% drop in hyperpigmentation after 3 days1a
69% immediate drop in burning sensations1b
27% immediate drop in redness1c
100% of subjects say they’re satisfied by Cicabio Crème+ SPF50+’s effectiveness at protecting1d

1Clinical study with Cicabio Crème+ SPF50+ on post-laser on face during 14 days – 31 subjects with a tendency to hyperpigmentation, (a) Scoring by dermatologist, D3 vs. D0 post-laser, (b) Auto-scoring, immediately after application on D0 post-laser, (c) Scoring by dermatologist, immediately after application on D0 post-laser, (d) Auto-satisfaction, from D3.

Cicabio offers a full range of products to heal weakened skin, from initial cleansing, to creams for weakened skin that oozes, doesn’t ooze, or feels uncomfortable.

Skin is cleaned effectively and gently, soothed, moisturised and protected.

Apply Cicabio Crème+ to your damaged skin just afterward. It optimises the repair process while soothing sensations of itching and discomfort. The texture creates a breathable and protective shield that lets the skin breathe. With Cicabio Crème+ SPF50+, you also receive protection from the sun’s rays to prevent permanent hyperpigmentation.

Occasional targeted skincare

Weakened skin

Antalgicine technology

Cicabio Creme+

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The 1st ecobiological repairing soothing cream* that optimizes healing process while preserving the skin’s ecosystem.

For whom ?

For all the family (except premature infants)

Occasional targeted skincare

Weakened skin Weakened sensitive skin exposed to the sun

Antalgicine technology

Cicabio Creme+ SPF50+

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The 1st ecobiological repairing anti-hyperpigmentation cream* that optimizes healing process while preserving the skin’s ecosystem.

For whom ?

For all the family (except premature infants)

Specific protection

Following dermatological treatments Sunspots, dark spots, photoageing


Photoderm SPOT-AGE SPF50+

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Antioxidant boosted sun care. Reduces age spots and wrinkles.

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