Sébium Hydra cleanser

The first* ecobiological cleansing balm to restore comfort during ultra-drying acne treatments
*at Bioderma

Rinse-off daily cleanser

Acne-prone skin

D.A.F. Patent

For who?

Teens, Adults

What ingredients?

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Recommended by dermatologists Recommended by dermatologists

Efficacy clinically proven

Moisturises the skin (+53.1% hydration level) (1) Soothes the skin (90%) (1)


Gently cleanses and soothes.

24h hydration (3) & comfort (1)

Physiological pH (2)

Very well tolerated

Enveloping balm texture

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All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach to respect the skin's ecosystem and preserve its health in a lasting way.

Bioderma’s research has developed its 1st ecobiological balm to restore cutaneous comfort during ultra-drying acne treatments. Formulated with 93% of biomimetic ingredients, in perfect affinity with the skin, Sébium Hydra cleanser gently cleanses the skin while soothing, providing hydration and restoring skin comfort during 24h.

-Gently cleansing: gentle surfactants

-Soothing effect: DAFTM complex which increase skin tolerance threshold

-Hydration 24h: restores the skin’s water reserves with moisturizing ingredients

-Comfort 24h: biomimetic lipids (shea oil) that restores skin comfort

Body and face

Apply morning and/or evening to wet skin. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly. Dry without rubbing. Can be used as a makeup remover. Then apply Sébium Hydra skincare.

  • Step 1 Cleanse skin with Sébium Hydra cleanser.
  • Step 2 Treat skin with Sébium Hydra.

Eco-design of our products: We work daily on the improvement of our products to minimise their environmental impact. Most of our products are made of 100% recyclable plastic and all our outerboxes are 100% recyclable and made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Sorting instructions: Please refer to local sorting instructions to recycle your product the most properly.

  • Ecobiology


    True to NAOS vision, ecobiology reproduces the skin’s natural processes to help it strengthen itself and adapt to its environment. It keeps the skin naturally strong, beautiful and healthy, in a sustainable way.

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  • French independent laboratories


    Designing all our products in house, in NAOS laboratories in the heart of Provence. Made in France.

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Acne is characterised by presence of lesions such as white and blackheads and/or inflammatory lesions. People suffering from acne can be under treatments with oral isotretinoin or/and topical retinoic acid. Those treatments aim to suppress the sebaceous gland activity and sebum involved in the pathophysiology of acne. Side effects are well known leaving the skin weaken and ultra-dry. The challenge is to provide an efficient but gentle & non-irritating cleansing, while restoring cutaneous comfort to weakened skin due to acne treatments.

Results proven by clinical studies

Skin is gently cleansed (100% of subjects)(1)

Skin is soothed (100%)(1)

Skin is hydrated (93.3%)(1)

Skin is more comfortable and less tight (100%) (1)

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After 28 days of use in combination with dermatological treatment, Sébium hydra cleanser significantly:
- Moisturises the skin (+53.1% hydration level) (1)

- Soothes the skin (90%) (1)
- Preserves lipids rate on skin without impacting efficacy of dermatological treatment (80% of subjects have an improvement of their acne) (1)
- Respects skin pH (2)

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This product was formulated according to the ecobiological approach of the NAOS Laboratories to take care of you. At the heart of this product:

External stress can make the skin reactive and sensitive. This patented complex increases the skin’s tolerance threshold – regardless of skin type – in order to strengthen its resistance.

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